Coloured Sands, Elim Beach

Just a short drive north of Cairns (400km) hides the super secluded Elim Beach. Setting up camp here means you are at the best point to visit the beautiful Coloured Sands. Only 300m along the squeaky white sand of Elim Beach, Coloured Sands emerges from the coastline with vibrant red and white cliffs. Like an autumn vision board for Vogue Magazine, the warm colours along the beach contrast with the white laced throughout the rock formations – hence the name! Here, there are also sand dunes that you and your friends can toboggan down – so charge the GoPro!


Note: It is probably best to leave your VW Golf and Hyundai Getz at home. 4x4s are not just “recommended” – they’re literally the only vehicles that are able to get to this destination.

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