Paronella Park

Once upon a time, in a land far away stood a magnificent Spanish Castillo – shrouded in an enchanted forest…

Equipped with picnic areas, waterfalls, secret pathways, a ballroom, movie theatre, museum, ice-creamery, restaurant, tunnel and an awe-inspiring story. Paronella Park was a place of mystery, charm, and magic when it first opened to the public in 1935. Nothing in the region (or the country!) rivalled such a wonderland.
Over 80 years later, it is still invoking imagination and inspiration to those who wander through the gardens. Those who join a tour are transported back in time and told about the helpless romantics who created the park.


Situated beside the captivating Mena Creek Falls and engulfed in dense rainforest, it’s easy to lose your entire day criss-crossing the 13 acres and capturing every angle of the place for your albums. Walk across the suspension bridge which stretches across the glorious Mena Creek waterfall, or ask about their tour to see the fully-functional 1930’s Hydro System. This park has a negative carbon footprint, is ECO-certified and Heritage Listed, along with the title of being RACQ’s #1 Must-Do in Queensland.


Your Ticket Inlcudes

45-minute Day Tour
Much like watching a documentary with the sound turned off, walking through here without knowing the story can be very confusing. Tours leave every 30-minutes and leave you in the middle of the grounds to explore

20-minute Hydro Tour
Since 2015, the owners have allowed guests to view the Hydro Electric Power System currently operating in the park. Please note: this tour is weather-permitting and you must do the Day Tour before you do the Hydro Tour.

60-minute Night Tour
Vastly different to the Day Tour, the Night Tour focuses less on the story and more about the surroundings. Definitely bring your camera and keep an eye out for fireflies and glowing mushrooms!

Botanical Guide
Located behind the counter, ask the friendly staff about the Botanical Guide and depart on a self-guided walk through the park. Inside is a list of all the native and exotic plants in the grounds – as well as the creepy crawlies!

Map Guide
Given out by the tour guides, these Map Guides tell a brief story of José
Paronella and also come in handy when finding your way out!

Fish Food
Feed the fish, turtles, eels and occasionally the Scrub Turkeys.

Two-Year Return Pass
Before you leave the park, be sure to show your ID to the workers at the ticketing area to register for your Two-Year Return Pass. Who knows? You might be back with a special someone next time!

FREE night in the Caravan Park
Don’t want to leave? If you have a caravan or a tent, you can stay overnight in their caravan park.
phone: 07 4065 0000

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