Luke Antony


  • The first question. Yes or No in the postal survey and how does that fit with your Christianity? 

It’s a big fat YASS from me. Each year we celebrate pride and love at events like Mardi Gras and Cairns Tropical Pride and I have always said that it would be so nice for us to not have to ‘celebrate’. It would just be nice if being gay was a normal part of life, you know. And we have the power to make a change RIGHT NOW with the Marriage Equality postal survey. My hope is that kids won’t have to go through what many of us did, growing up. Pick up the pen, tick yes and make Australia equal!

I’m a firm believer in the fact that if God is a god of love, then there’s no way he would condemn us (gays) for the condition of our man-loving hearts!

I grew up going to church in Townsville every Sunday. I used to sing with my brother and sister – that’s really where my love of music and singing started I think. I feel like I learnt to sing in church…. and from listening to Whitney of course!

  • While we’re on the subject of Townsville… 

The Ville – the real capital of North Qld! Haha. Two of my favourite things about Townsville are walks on the strand and hitting the Castle Hill goat track for a sweat sesh!

  • Are you a rural country boy at heart what qualities do you look for when making new friends? 

“I’m such a big city boy now but I’m a big fan of ‘country boy’ qualities! A sense of humour, cheekiness and a love for food and wine! And for the boys – I’m a sucker for a great smile. I am single and ready to mingle! I’m so happy with my life and would love to meet someone who is keen to jump on the ride with me.

  • You’ve just released your own interpretation of ‘Everytime’ (Britney!) to raise awareness of mental health and suicide. Why did you choose that song? 

I remember hearing this song growing up around a time that I knew I was different.. I knew I was gay. I was so petrified that people would find out – being gay wasn’t really ideal in my family. I really connected with the vulnerability and the hurt in Britney’s vocal and I was so excited to be given the opportunity to record a track that was so monumental and therapeutic in my coming out journey. I actually cried when I recorded it – it just took me back to the way I used to feel when I was hiding who I was. It made me realise that there are so many boys and girls who are afraid to be their true selves. It’s a huge burden to carry, and one that can lead you into a dark place. I’ve been there, as have many people and I think it is just so important to talk about it. The more we talk, the more we normalise these issues and the less of an issue they will be! That is my hope.

  • Your past couple of singles have been emotional pop songs, can we expect an uptempo release so we can hit the dance floors in the future? 

What can I say? I’m an emotional guy! Funnily enough, I’m just about to shoot the video for my next single and without tooting my own horn too much, it is going to be epic! I have never been more excited about a song I have written before. It’s hard hitting, energetic and a new, big sound for me.

  • Last time we chatted you were getting ready to hit the stage at Sydney Mardi Gras…. 

Omg it was a total career highlight for me! Believe it or not – I have lived in Sydney for 6 years now and I had only been to Mardi Gras once before my performance. I was SO excited when I got the call to perform. They asked me to sing Titanium ….. in the original key….. cheers, Sia – big shoes to fill! After a few rehearsals with the dancers, one wardrobe mishap and A LOT of vocal warm ups, I remember standing side stage and I don’t think I have ever felt so nervous for a show! Not only were there like 20, 000 people in the audience, I realised that I had probably been on a date with like half of them! Haha. No, I just felt so honoured to be able to sing at an event that celebrated who I am, who we all are. I remember the music starting, the spotlight hit me and the second I opened my mouth it was like I was home. My fave bit was the pyrotechnics on stage, and the glitter of course!

  • When you were 20, you were awarded two silver medals and a bronze at the prestigious World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles….tell us about that 

It was a comp! It was such a whirlwind experience. I was selected to represent Australia at the competition. Imagine a giant X Factor or something, but on an international scale. I made some incredible contacts and got the opportunity to work with some big players in the entertainment industry. I remember coming home more hungry for a career in music than ever before.

  • Who are your favourite Australia male and female artist and why? 

The list is huge! I can’t go past Guy Sebastian’s insane vocals! Sam Sparro has always been a huge influence for me. I have been lucky enough to share the stage with Christine Anu and Casey Donovan and each time

I felt like I was at a concert even though I was standing next to them – those ladies can SANG. Oh, and I have a mad crush on Alfie Acuri – that boy can sing me to sleep any day!


Luke’s cover of the Britney Spears track EVERYTIME is available now on iTunes 

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