The “GenderBread” Person


As we continue to explore LGBTIQ+, I’d like to share some broad information that helps with understanding the often-complex ideals and boundaries behind gender and sexuality. For several years there have been a few models out there to help describe various elements and none of them are perfect, in fact far from it. One
of the better ones I’ve found and used when helping clients deal with self-identity issues, is the ‘Genderbread Person’.


Now I am aware there is a lot
 of controversy around just who created this model and who ‘borrowed’ what from whom. What I like about this is that it uses plain English and everyday concepts most people are accustomed to. It simply puts the jigsaw pieces into place to make it easier to understand. What I dislike is that it does not include several identities that are hard to place on a diagram (e.g. pansexual, non-binary, and others) and simply remains silent on them. There is a version 2 of this diagram which is accessible from the site but I feel it dilutes the value by becoming too complex and ‘PC’. At least the original broaches the broader ideals and creates a good starting point for further discussion, which is exactly what this column does too. Briefly the Genderbread Person dismantles Identity, Orientation, Sex and Expression and links them to Mind, Heart, Genitals (Bio) and Body (overall) in that order. Further, it links a spectrum of definition to each. Quite well done and I encourage you to take the time to have a look.

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